Aytomic Technology is a mobile app development company that was founded in 2011 by Shawn Inks and Chris Thompson. Bringing together years of experience in both the automotive and technology sectors, Aytomic set out to develop an app uniquely designed to benefit auto dealers as well as their most valuable asset, their customers.

With the addition of Uriel Lizama to the team as Director of Tech Development, Proximity Aware was born in mid 2014. Proximity Aware provides a turnkey solution for dealers to implement an Enterprise level mobile app without the large cost and learning curve of developing their own.

With the desire for a mobile world growing at an ever-increasing rate, Proximity aware focuses its development time on continuing to bring state of the art technology to all of its clients for years to come.

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The P/A Team

Proximity Aware works because we have an amazing team of dedicated individuals working on it. Our mission is to revolutionize the auto industry with our unique service.


Shawn Inks - Exec Chief

Shawn has ideas… lots of ideas… new features are kind of his thing!


Chris Thompson - Ops Chief

When he’s not in the clouds (yes he is a jet pilot) he is managing the ops.


Uriel Lizama - Tech Chief

When life gives you lemons, you make a lemonade while coming up with an awesome app!


Samuel Lizama - Design Master

Aside from being the design force he is, he’s also the hipster of the company.


Enrique Torres-Baiz - Tech Wizard

What can you say, he puts the Awww in Aware.


Nat Lizama - Programming Ninja

var iam = “A Cool Programmer”;


Mike Mendoza - Biz-Devel Director

Don’t be fooled, this is a dangerous job.


Donna Kent - Client Relations

She gets to do all the fun stuff, like go out for drinks and stuff.