A mobile solution designed for your dealership.

At Proximity Aware we have created the perfect mobile solution for auto dealers. You will get a beautiful mobile app that your users will love; designed specifically to be a powerful sales tool that will create customer loyalty.  The right mobile app solution is not just about how many features you can pack into an App.  The right mobile app is about creating a user interface that gives your customers the information that they need in the fastest and easiest way.  This will ensure not just the app download but that your customers will keep your app on their phone for years to come.


My Garage Vehicle Management

Proximity Aware has incorporated the Innovative “My Garage” feature to increase Customer Loyalty with your Dealership. “My Garage”, provides the features that will keep your app on your customers phone long after the purchase of a vehicle.

Your customers will be able to add their vehicles and keep track of their maintenance needs like Oil Changes, Tire Rotations, etc.

Your application will automatically send a message to your customers whenever vehicle maintenance is due.

Your application makes it easy for your customers to schedule their service appointments right from their phone.  No need to pick up the phone and call!

As the dealer you can configure service discounts at different intervals to make sure customers continue to use your service center.

Customer Communication

One of the biggest advantages of having your own app, is being able to contact your customers through their most personal device: their smartphone. Using push notifications you will be able to instantly communicate to your customers with such things as special events, discounts,  promotions, inventory updates, etc.

Your app will track all of the messages you send inside of the “Message Center”, so no messages ever get lost.

With mobile push notifications, your customers will get alerted to any new messages sent to their phone.

Using the feedback from the application you will be able to send specific information to customers watching specific types of vehicles helping to garner that next sale.

Send campaigns to specific segments of customers. For example, customers with overdue service or someone who just searched for a specific vehicle.


Geo Fencing & Interactive Points

In Proximity Aware we have made it really easy to send specific messages based on the location of your users. Is your customer checking out tires at the competition? Send them a push notification with a discount on tires at your dealership.

And not only that, but our app solution also comes with Beacon integration. Beacons are small Bluetooth devices that allow us to know the exact location of a customer inside your dealership. Easily customize each beacon to deliver special content, videos, or details on “Featured Cars” in your showroom or on your lot.

Easily setup as many Geo targeted messages as you need from your control panel.

Get as many beacons as you need to create “Promiximity Aware’s Exclusive Interactive Points!”


We know that finding the right vehicle for a customer is an emotional thing. So we took our time in designing an inventory search and display that will make the process a breeze. Customers will be able to filter search results, view complete details, like vehicles, add cars to a favorite watch list and much more.

Also while on your lot, they’ll be able to fetch complete details from any vehicle by scanning the VIN code or entering the Stock Number right from their phone.

Filter results by Make, Model, Year, Price, Location, and sort by Price, Listing Date, Model Year.

With our integrated VIN scanner, customers will be able to scan any vehicle on your lot and get instant details.

Customers will be able to request more information on any vehicle from within the app, which can be fed into your CRM system.

Customers can also schedule test drives from within the app, for any vehicle in your inventory.


An App Your Dealership Deserves


Your dealership not only needs an app, it needs a GOOD app your customers will love. Studies show that a bad mobile experience negatively affects the way customers see the brand. That’s why we have focused on an simple but informative customer experience and interface.

Our app solution is so beautiful and easy to use for customers, that we don’t have any true competition. And we make sure each of our client’s apps come branded just how they need it.

Your app will come fully branded with your name, logo and color palette of your dealership brand.

We have created a full suite of marketing materials and resources for you to use in the promotion of your new app.  Our admin panel will give you convenient access to all of these resources.


Actionable Intelligence

We are clearly focused on the end goal: you want an app because you want to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty which in turn will increase revenue.

We built Proximity Aware so that it’s not only an app solution, but it’s a complete mobile marketing platform. Our platform is smart, really smart; as you gain app users it will learn from them, and automatically interact with them to push inventory sales or garage services. All without you having to make any extra effort.

We will also provide you with “Actionable Intelligence”, giving you valuable customer information that you can use to grow your business. These reports can be sent daily, weekly, and monthly, providing you with the most accurate data at your fingertips when you need it most: When a customer is ready to buy!

Management Tools

Our management tools are just as good and easy to use as the app. We designed our admin panel to give you full control over your application. Send messages, incentives, and special offers;  customize the Beacons, manage sales and service leads, and much more!

We provide reports that will give you a real sense of how your mobile app is performing.

Easily manage every aspect of your mobile platform with our easy to use admin panel – without the need for hours of training.

Grant access to any staff member you want and choose the features you want them to manage, and which location.

Our weekly email reports provide an overview of the sales opportunities generated without the need to log in to the admin, providing a level of convenience that our clients love!