Marketing Intelligence

Our platform is engineered for intelligence. As your app gains users Proximity Aware will learn from them and will automatically start sending targeted messages and information. Information that will assist your dealership in increasing sales and customer loyalty by providing your customers with a better and more informative experience.  As a valuable client of ours, you will gain all this without having to do any extra work.


Maintenance Alerts

When a user adds a vehicle to their “Garage” on the app, our system starts tracking the service status for their Oil Changes, Battery Health, Tire Rotations, Tire Conditions, and General Maintenance for their vehicle. The system automatically updates the mileage every day, and whenever a service is due it will prompt your customer to schedule service at your dealership. We will continue to send reminders until the user completes the service or chooses to stop the reminders.

Customers are able to adjust the reminder settings from within the app, allowing for an experience that best suits their needs.

The app makes it easy for customers to schedule service appointments without the need for a phone call making it much easier for them to complete the task.

Dealers can easily create custom discounts and reminders providing them another avenue to incentivize their customers to remain loyal to their service department.

Inventory Recommendations

When customers search your inventory, view vehicle specific details or start favoriting cars, the system learns the kind of vehicles they are looking for and starts sending them vehicle specific recommendations. On each inventory update the system checks for price drops or new available items based on the customer’s preferences and sends the recommendations, trying to increase the sales conversion rate.

Customers get notified when a price drop is detected on a vehicle they are interested in.

If a new vehicle gets added to your inventory which matches your customers preferences, our system will notify them.

From the admin panel you can send messages to all customers that match their preferences: for example, send a discount to all customers that recently searched for a Honda.


User Reminders

The more engaged your customers are with your app, the bigger the benefit for your dealership. We don’t want customers to just install the app and never use it again, we want them to be fully engaged with it. With this purpose in mind our system was designed to automatically trigger notifications to keep your customers active and using the app.

If customers stop using the app the system will send notifications trying to bring them back to the app.

If a customer hasn’t added a vehicle to “The Garage”, the system will send invitations to do so.

Actionable Intelligence

You know the saying: “Information is power”. Through the app you will be able to gather useful information about your customers that will help you grow your business. Wouldn’t it be great to know what type of vehicles customers are searching for most frequently? Or what type of vehicles they are spending time at when they visit your lot? All this is available to you with the touch of a button inside our admin panel and our weekly emailed custom reports.

Gain the knowledge of what makes model, or year your customers are most interested in.

Through the app customers can give you valuable feedback about your business giving you the ability to gauge the effectiveness of your staff.

Get data on what your customers do while on your lot. Which areas are most frequented? Which vehicles are most viewed?

You will receive weekly email reports with the most important stats for the performance of your app and the habits of your customers.


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